About Beat Stamm

Fellow voyager in cyberspace, whatever you see and read on the World Wild Web, take it with a grain of salt. There are content mills and pseudo news aggregators out there that seem to mindlessly mine data with the sole purpose to tempt search engines like the Sirens of Ancient Greece. I have no control over these operations! Hence, if you see my name in a context that doesn’t seem to make sense to you, it may be one of these sites, or it may be another individual with the same name.

To help you with your private investigations, notice that I am not on any of today’s social networks like Facebook or Twitter, with the exception of LinkedIn. The latter may serve in lieu of a Curriculum Vitæ. Occasionally, I’ll post on forums like Typophile and a few other places related to digital typography, loudspeakers, and photography. You may also find my name on US and foreign patents related to digital typography.

For sincere inquiries please feel free to contact me by . But please be patient—I may be out in the middle of nowhere creating the next photograph…