Blood Red Harvest Moon
Rising over Mount Rainier
Quitting this Eclipse

Welcome to my homepage!

I’m a Physicist (BSc/MSc), Computer Scientist (PhD), and Aspiring Artist based in the Greater Seattle Area. See my About page for clues if you’re unsure you found who or what you were looking for. Below is what’s new.

What’s New?

Total Solar Eclipse 2017 captured east of Prairie City, Oregon
Celestion G12M & G12H Creamback, higher power heirs to the Classic Rock Greenback speakers
Seattle Fireworks 2016 Seattle New Year’s Fireworks 2016 erupting from the Space Needle
Parameterized Regularization A copy of the article contributed to The Briem Report: Letterforms 2012
Switzerland: Riederalp Switzerland: Riederalp—Winter Wonderland
Raster Tragegy Revisited The Raster Tragedy at Low-Resolution Revisited
California, Oregon Added a few photos
Italy: Venezia Italy: Venezia «La Serenissima»
Crossover Networks 3. Crossovers as seen by the Transducer
Canham 6x17 cm RFH Using a Canham 6×17 cm Roll Film Holder on a Sinar F2/P2 5×7 inch View Camera
Switzerland: Indemini Switzerland: Indemini—Stairways to Solitude
2112 Dog Box The 2112 Dog Box Project